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This is my digital (not quite a story, but kind of) story about judging others. By: R. Burns

Nicole Muchowicz:
This is a digital story about yoga and my experiences with it.

This is a digital story about a little star that makes the world (my world) go round and round.

TIna Rogus: This tells the story of our wedding and the continuation of our family with our two children.
Jeremy Karpenski: A look into my journey to find teaching, included favorite song from Barenaked Ladies, but due to sound mixing issues only a portion of it is in the end.

Dawn Scuderi: A historical look at an event that was almost historical.

Liz Moran: My journey inside kindergarten.

Elizabeth Ray: My video shares some lessons I learned by being a mom to my youngest son.

Jennifer Riggs: This digital story is about being yourself

Megan Watson: Letter to my daughter

Meghan Weck: My path to teaching

Laurie Hedlund: My ideal neighborhood

Kaitlyn Privett - Family

Jackie Robinson: Digital story about my favorite dancer

Camille Boden: A digital story about my passion. Ice-cream!

Robert Zeinz: A digital story about Abraham Lincoln.

Mary Valenta: A window into the world of two sisters.

Nicole Ross
This digital story tells about how my love for music and community led to my love for teaching.